• The Ladenburger Brewery – traditional beers from Swabia in verdant south-western Germany

    Between the river Kocher and the river Jagst, there lies our brewery, in the heart of the idyllic Ellwagen lake district. Many traditional specialities are brewed here, following their original methods and recipes and with typical Swabian pride and know-how.

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A beer for refined tastes

We Swabians have a well-known philosophy: our constant striving for perfection. At the Ladenburger Brewery that is how we brew our beer. Ladenburger Beer is brewed according to a well-known Swabian philosophy: our constant striving for perfection. Our goal is a beer that will bring enjoyment and satisfaction to your moments of leisure. All our ingredients come from our own region, with a Swabian taste and quality that nobody else can provide.

Karl Ladenburger


Beer brewed with Swabian perfection and quality.


Our ecological use of our resources protects our environment.


Our modern technology ensures constant high quality.

Premium Export

Exklusiv Pils

Hefeweizen Hell

Hefeweizen Dunkel

Hefeweizen Alkoholfrei


Weizenbock Hell


Alt-Schwäbisch Dunkel

Hefeweizen Leicht




Tipsy Eagle

Radler Naturtüb

Pilsbock Naturtrüb

Brauwasser Halblaut

Brauwasser Laut

Moderner Zapfhahn

Modern brewing technology and mastery of the art of brewing

We look back with pride on over 230 years of history and our continuous development. Today we use the latest technology, tuned to protect our environment and with continuous quality control, and fill more than 11,000 bottles an hour.

Many awards

History and our family tradition

In 1789 the French people began their struggle for Equality, Liberty and Fraternity. It was in that same year that our ancestor, Joseph Fuchs, founded the present brewery. Ladenburger bears the stamp of two centuries of history. It is our skill in brewing, passed on from one generation to the next, which makes our beers so exceptional.

Tipsy Eagle Fässer
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