The right glas for your beer and how to clean them

Each type of beer has its own beer glass, which is designed to enhance the beer’s specific flavour and aroma to their optimum level.

The wheat beer glas

Best suited to our wheat beers is the classic wheat beer glass, which is tapered outward from the bottom to the top. This shape allows the beer’s fruit and fresh banana aromas to unfold to their full potential.

The Pils glas

Our Exklusiv Pils is best enjoyed in fine, slender pils glasses. The thin glass promotes the delicate hops aroma, while the slender, elongated shape emphasises the luminous colour of this exclusive beer.

The Willybecher

Alt-Schwäbisch Dunkel is best drunk in a so-called “Willybecher”, a small, fine beer glass with a simple, elegant form. This glass allows Alt-Schwäbisch Dunkel to display its fine, malty aroma to its full extent.

The glass jug

Our Premium Export and Zwick´l are best drunk in a beer mug. This allows the beer to show itself from its best side both in terms of look and taste. The even, cylindrical form helps these beers to present their full-bodied flavours. An ideal glass for the beer garden!

Cleaning beer glasses

Beer glasses do not belong in the dishwasher!

Dishwasher detergents form a film on the glass, which cannot be removed by rinsing in cold water and has a pronounced effect on the sensitive beer froth. We recommend cleaning beer glasses with a brush and special glass-cleaning detergent, which can be found in all good grocery outlets. After cleaning, the glass should be rinsed in fresh cold water. The glass should then be allowed to dry in the air. Do not use a dishcloth!